League of Women Voters Pick Mayoral Debaters based on Money, Money, Money

Got a letter in the mail from the League of Women Voters of Minneapolis, Inc.®. It was all about how money dominates politics and always will.

I’m supposed to send my Campaign Finance Report to the LWV for them to determine the biggest beggars of Minneapolis and if I am among the top eight who will participate in their debate.

I haven’t registered a campaign committee yet, but my first report and all subsequent reports will show that I have not raised one single campaign contribution.

I’ll never be among those eight, but LWV says I can display literature at a table in the hallway outside the event; my guess is that there will be one of 27 8 1/2″X 11″ spaces on that table assigned to each candidate not debating. I’m considering Xerox®ing my buttocks for them to display and hopefully kiss. At least let me spend a little on a big poster board and see if Minneapolis Central Library has 27 easels for us to display them on, sort of like a conference or symposium poster session, or perhaps LWV could gather enough easels from other HENNEPIN COUNTY LIBRARIES or from somewhere else.

I find it ironic that an organization advocating for better elections and campaigning in the first real demonstration of the power of instant runoff voting in Minneapolis–keep in mind that IRV is supposed to reduce the influence of money in elections–has based who it will invite to their debate on how much money they raise.

I am afraid I am not much of a politico. The first bit I really learned about current and alternative voting methods was from an LWV pamphlet. It looks as if I have left LWV far behind.

I expected the corporate press to ignore me and base all of their decisions to cover candidates  on money, but et tu, LWV?

There has got to be a better way.

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