Needed to Move Things Down a Post

I suppose folks seeing an attackĀ on my website, justified or not, on a venerable institution responsible for bringing invaluable services to voters is getting a little old, so here’s another post just for the heck of it.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I believe that the worst thing imaginable to happen to me would be winning this election on November 5th. I hate this stuff. I think perhaps I am good at politics and at moving things through a structured bureaucracy of any kind, but I do hate it. I’d much rather be doing other stuff (I do mostly, given my campaign war chest of zero dollars).

I want people to consider a different form of city government that I feel will serve us all better than what we do know, and I hope that we will make it happen whether I win or not.

This site will stay up in one form or another, win or lose, and I may try to organize a petition effort for a charter amendment referendum for a council-manager form of government.

I think that the form of any amendment ‘may’ be worked out and an amendment written before that happens, so between then and now, I hope that folks will vote for the plain language charter amendment, because that will make writing such another amendment to change to a council-manager government, easier to do.

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