Misdirection of Education in Mayor’s Race

With today’s StarTribune editorial and the Q & A with Mayor RT Rybak in MinnPost, I think it is time to weigh in here because this new found interest in city government getting into the education business is malarky.

The roots of the gap are in the poverty that we have tolerated, seemingly forever, along with the crime and the poor economy that lingers, plaguing us all.

The notion that Rybak in his three terms and all of the other mayors in their time in office have done anything of lasting good in addressing the roots of the problem that the opportunity or achievement ‘gap’ represents, is crap, i.e., some folks in government, the fourth estate and all of the corporate types who supposedly have all the answers have had their heads up their own larger posterior orifice that they can’t remove them now.

We need to bring our problem citizens into ‘the fold’ and provide the same nurturing environment all over the city to raise future generations who never leave it. Schools are a part of that, but education begins at home whether it is the presently troubled homes of some North and South neighborhoods or those in the city on the other side of the gap.

Losing mayors, reducing individual ward influence and bringing city wide issues to the fore will allow us to effectively address ‘gap’ problems, not electing another megalomaniac.

Leadership is fine, but we need it everywhere, not just at city hall, and we need leadership from those who all live in the same reality, free of the ideological extremes that make every path a zero sum game that most must lose.

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