How much does a candidate need to raise or spend to get press?

Where should the money come from?

I decided a few years ago that I was not going to contribute to any candidates in any race, the only exception being that I drop a buck or two to defray costs at functions of my political party, the Democratic Farmer Labor Party and one or two candidates I can’t beg off from a few bucks. This was a pretty easy decision for me as like many others, I don’t have a whole lot of money to throw around.

I believe that we must get all of the private money out of political campaigns if we can, and we should know where it all comes from if we don’t get the money out.

Much talk around the 35 candidates in this race centers on some sort of threshold to limit the numbers of candidates (I do agree with most that the lack of DFL endorsees might have opened things up more). The Council was considering a high filing fee, but really the only currency that should count in politics, the kind of politics to which most should aspire, is in the choices that people make. If we are as a city to defray the cost of those filing for office, fees should not go beyond the cost of processing the form.

A would be politician who wishes to run for office should gather supporters, and if the press continues to make money the criterium for coverage, then they do us all a disservice.




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