MPR Libel Case Averted. Whew!

Like I would sue almost anyone. Hasn’t happened yet, but I guess there’s always a first time. This won’t be the one for me, thankfully.

I have been continually irritated that a post in the MPR blog, The Cities, came up every time I searched the web for information on me and ¬†campaign developments as sure as the click ads from Cam Winton and Bob Fine (Should we click them? A lot? I haven’t yet, but how else am I to find out about their campaigns?). I discussed the matter on the website, here.

Finally I was so irritated that I contacted them, laying out how serious an error I considered this post.

They pretty much acceded to a suggestion I made to settle the matter and so it is settled with an “update” to the blog post mentioning me and my campaign, adding a short explanation of what “Last Minneapolis Mayor” means, and a link here to this website.

All is right with the world, provided we can make a few other changes here in Minneapolis, like a charter amendment to abolish the office of mayor, change number of wards to five corresponding to traditionally recognized sectors of the city, and add eight at large council seats.


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