Oh My Aching Back

Been on my back most of the day as I’ve had sciatica for a few days and thought that might help a bit. Got a midday phone interview with someone from MPR News, an intern named Cody Nelson. He says he’ll have something Friday. Oh boy.

If I were not in much pain, I suppose I might have been haunting some of the debates going on. As it is, I’ve only participated in one, and most of my exposure has been through survey questions from one screening organization or another who only invite the big money candidates for debate and/or Q&A.

I continue to believe that until candidates are ‘punished’ for barraging us with the stuff that big campaign war chests can buy, we will continue to be buried with it and the news people, other than our steadfast local rags and aggregators, will ignore everyone who hasn’t raised at least a few thousand.

I suppose I should have printed out a few cards, knocked on a few doors, and talked to a few more people wherever, but I’m sore and have other responsibilities. Minneapolis folks have enough to worry about without being pestered by politicians, so win or lose, I’m happy I have not bothered them a whole lot. Those other folks and their volunteers should be absolutely ashamed at themselves with all the bother they’ve caused. They should really just blog and let the masochists read; it is a whole lot cheaper and no one gets anything they didn’t ask for.


I was just listening to a new TV ad from one of the candidates with hundreds of thousands (his own, perhaps from his settlement with the StarTribune) who says all 34 other candidates are fine folks who would make a good mayor someday, while he is ready today. I’ve got news for him: there are no good Minneapolis mayors and this will not change with him.

We need to abandon elected executives in favor of professional city management. We can do it now or we can do it later, but I think it has to be done.

A little more acetaminophen, ibuprofen, some stuff for neuropathy I’ve got and I’ll get a good night’s sleep and think about imposing on some potential supporters, or maybe not. There are other sorts of pain that the drugs do not work on.

Guess I’ll try some physical therapy, soon. I know my back will get better, but I have less hope for our city.

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