Counting Over, Back Still Sore

Promised to march a while back, so I did and I have to say there has been some improvement in my back pain; so I’m going to march some more, perhaps with a “No More Mayors” sign. If we weren’t headed into winter, I suppose I might also don a light robe and sandals just to more look the part of a latter day prophet of better government.

We have a great deal of tradition wrapped up in the structure of our government and passing the plain language charter amendments will make it a simple matter to change that structure; with the continued caprice in actions of our local government catering to the whims of the one percent, we will eventually have a majority of folks who believe it is time to change to a form with inherent protection for the citizens of Minneapolis from those who would exploit them.

Thanks to the few hundred folks who voted for the changes embodied in my campaign and I hope that we will have more candidates step forward to run on the Last Mayor of Minneapolis slate in elections to come; unless we pass a referendum before then, of course.



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